Local Towing in San Jose CA

Towing all Car Brands in San Jose

When it comes to calling upon the services of a tow truck company, you want to know that you’re going to be in safe hands. Whether you’ve been in an accident or you’re facing those dreaded engine problems, knowing that the tow truck company you call can get you where you need to go quickly and without fuss is a comforting thought. At B.B Auto & Tow and its network of independently owned and licensed affiliates, we provide professional car and vehicle towing throughout San Jose, California. What’s more, we’re happy to tow any make or model of vehicle, something not all tow truck companies can say.

Towing Experts at Your Service

Over the years, B.B Auto & Tow has had the pleasure to tow an eclectic mix of vehicles. From gleaming sports cars just off the forecourt to rusty bangers that have been around the block far too many times to mention, we’ve towed just about every vehicle you can think of. We’re proud to offer drivers in San Jose a first class towing service, whatever they drive. From Detroit’s finest to international imports, we’re happy to transport your car wherever it comes from.

Our towing services are fast and dependable and available around the clock. Whether you’re stranded by the roadside in the dead of night or beneath the beating afternoon sun, we’ll be with you soon!

Which Cars Do We Tow?

B.B Auto & Tow can tow a wide range of makes and models, including:

  •   GMC
  •   Ford
  •   Dodge
  •   Cadillac
  •   Chevrolet
  •   Buick
  •   Chrysler
  •   Lincoln
  •   BMW
  •   Jeep
  •   Hummer
  •   Oldsmobile

The above list is just a sampling of the cars we can tow. We really can arrange for towing all car brands in San Jose. Even if you drive an import, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Truck & Motorcycle Towing Also Available

As well as towing all car brands in San Jose, B.B Auto & Tow is also able to provide tow truck services for truck drivers and motorcyclists. Our fleet of high-quality tow trucks can provide towing for the following truck and motorcycle brands:

  •   Peterbilt
  •   Kenworth
  •   Caterpillar
  •   Western Star
  •   Harley-Davidson
  •   Kawasaki
  •   Suzuki
  •   Honda
  •   Yamaha

Again, this is just a brief list of vehicle brands we tow. Whatever truck you drive and whatever bike you ride, B.B Auto & Tow would be more than happy to provide you with first class, professional tow truck services. And yes, we even tow…tow trucks!

Licensed Towing in & Around San Jose

B.B Auto & Tow is licensed to provide tow truck services in the State of California. Based in San Jose, we offer a comprehensive towing service to residents and businesses throughout the city as well as those in the suburbs.

Our towing & roadside assistance and services include:

Drivers in the surrounding Santa Clara County should contact us to find out if we can provide a fast solution for their towing needs.


Whatever make or model of vehicle you drive let B.B Auto & Tow take care of you. Get in touch with us on (408) 404-3957