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B.B Auto & Tow Testimonials

“I was driving home late from work and popped my tire. I called B.B Auto & Tow and within 30 minutes, someone was at my door ready to help me change the tire. He was professional and friendly and did an excellent job. I would recommend B.B Auto & Tow to all my friends.” – Benita Rodriguez

“I knew I needed a new alternator but didn’t know where to talk my car. I contacted B.B Auto & Tow and they informed me of their business partnership with B.B Auto & Tow. They picked up the car, towed it to the shop and replaced the alternator within a day. It was so easy and affordably priced.” – Eric Hallenbeck

“I was taking my daughter to school and my car ran out of gasoline. We were already running late and needed quick and honest service. I contacted B.B Auto & Tow and within no time, I had gas in my vehicle and was on my way. B.B Auto & Tow helped ease my worries and got my daughter to school on time.” – Tameka Thakkar

“I was driving across town and my car just stopped. I needed the car towed and more importantly, I needed a flatbed for my low rise coupe. I called B.B Auto & Tow and their tech immediately called me and let me know he was on his way. He was friendly and helpful and thanks to his flatbed, I got my car towed to a mechanic and fixed in no time. You guys are a lifesaver!” – Darrel Poplawski