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How to Jump Start a Car

How to Jump start a Car

Have you ever walked out to your car (usually early in the morning on your way to work) and found that your car won’t start because your battery died? How frustrating was that experience? Many times, the battery dies because you left the car lights on. Of course, the fact that this can usually be prevented is the primary reason for your frustration. Still, these sort of situations happen all the time to all different kinds of people.

If and when your car battery dies anywhere in the San Jose and you need to know how to jump start a car, these are the steps you need to take. Grab some jumper cables, call a friend (if these are unavailable, give B.B Auto & Tow a call), and get yourself back on the road.

  • If you’ve got jumper cables, get a friend or relative with a working vehicle to come give you some help. Their car should be parked in a “nose to nose” fashion with your car. Attach the jumper cables to their battery and yours. Turn on your friend or family member’s car.
  • Make sure to attach the jumper cables correctly. You need to know which terminals on the battery are positive and negative. The battery will have two different posts with signs next to them. One will be positive, with a (+) sign next to it. The other will be negative, and will have a (-) next to it. Normally, these posts are covered, so you’ll need to make sure the covers are removed before you begin.
  • Turn your friend’s car. Let it run a while and rev the engine from time to time. After a little while, try to turn your car on. If the engine starts, keep it running.
  • Take the jumper cables off.

Jump starting your vehicle is relatively easy. It’s likely that you, one of your friends, or one of your family members know how to jump start a car. However, if that’s not the case, you can always give B.B Auto & Tow a call. One of our well trained technicians can be dispatched to your location immediately, any time of the day or night, after your call. Moreover, that technician will arrive within just 30 minutes of your call!

The bottom line is that there is no reason a dead battery should keep you from getting back on the road.