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Free Auto Repair Advice – Ask our Mechanic

Having a ride is considered by others as a necessity while some view it as a luxury. Whatever the reason is, vehicles need the maintenance they deserve, especially if they are being used on a daily basis. With this, owners are on the look-out for auto shops that offer not only the best service but also the best people for the job – a mechanic.

Like any property owner, motor vehicle owners have a lot of questions. Hence, it is necessary that the mechanic is not only professionally skilled, but is also a trustworthy person. What’s important is for you to ask the right questions in relation to the service being offered. Most of us have only the most basic knowledge about our motor vehicles. We can inquire about the credentials of the auto shop and the competence of its personnel. We would also like to know the cost on the needed service, their policies, plus extra services for their customers.

Hence, here are the following questions you should ask your mechanic San Jose in terms of quality of work, price of work and the services and post-repair they give to their clients:

  1. Have you been issued a certificate for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)? Having this certificate in the shop indicates serious workmanship. Thus, guarantee is secured on the quality of work done, as well as the cost charges.


  1. What credentials does the personnel have? We live in a fast- paced environment with the latest technology available today. We have to make sure that our mechanic is a trained individual who knows the ins and outs of the job and who attended trade school.


  1. What is the reputation of the shop in San Jose? When checking a shop, we have to be aware of the reviews made by their customers. This will help us assess whether we will engage them for the service of our motor vehicles. Are the reviews given by Auto & Tow customers more on the positive side, rather than on the opposite?


  1. Do customers have to pay an inspection fee? Most shops give estimates free of charge. But still, it pays to ask them first. They may have some restrictions, like it won’t be possible to apply it in your case. If so, you might want to go to another shop.


  1. Do I have the leeway to choose new parts or used ones? Ideally the decision to use new or used components always depends on the situation. But get a guarantee if you opt to have the used parts in your vehicle.


  1. Can I get a detailed receipt and an explanation of what has been done to my vehicle? Typically, receipts issued to customers are not that easy to decipher. Therefore, inform your mechanic in advance that you would like an itemized receipt that reflects all the parts and services done to your vehicle. Usually, this may take a couple of pages. In that case, you can ask your mechanic to tour you around your vehicle and mention the parts that were removed, replaced or repaired.


  1. Is there a vehicle-loan program for clients? There are repairs to your vehicle that would not only take hours, but days at most. Hence, it is best to ask whether they have an extra vehicle for your use or if they have a deal with a car-rental facility that will give you a discounted rate.


  1. What guarantees do you offer? It pays to know whether they offer warranty for the parts that they put in your vehicle or how long they guarantee their work in terms of period and distance.


These are some of the questions you should ask your mechanic. With all of them in mind, you will probably be able to decide which auto shop you will go to and which among their personnel will be your go-to mechanic. As added advice, once you have already picked someone whom you think is honest as well as skilled enough to give you the best service, be with them all throughout the life of your vehicle. You will never leave unsatisfied.