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Tips for Buying a Used Car

In America, consumerism has driven many people to believe that the best and only way to purchase anything is to buy the latest and greatest. But here at B. B. Auto and Tow, we encourage car owners to break from this trend and be wiser shoppers. The truth is that there are many reasons that when shopping for a car, purchasing used car is going to be better for you than purchasing new. One of the biggest reasons is that a car depreciates in value drastically within the first three years of ownership; as a matter of fact, your car depreciates 10% the minute you drive it off the lot. So buy smart: buy used! Of course, buying used comes with its concerns, too. Here are some tips from the pros for buying a used car wisely.

  • Always Check the History: These days you have lots of resources to check the prospective vehicle’s history, from carfax to vinsmart. In the past, used car salesmen gypped many buyers by fixing up and selling damaged vehicles. Today, with the car’s history in your hand, you can’t be duped.
  • Research: Look up your model of interest on Kelly Blue Book or other consumer review sites. Find out what the general opinion and ratings of these vehicles were so that you can avoid those cars that were bad from the beginning.
  • Test Drive: Never buy a car without getting inside and driving that car around- and not just around the block. Many smart buyers will test drive their vehicle over to a mechanic they trust and get the mechanic’s opinion, which leads to the next tip-
  • Get the Car Inspected: Mechanics know the difference between a beautiful exterior and a great engine. Let a trusted professional give you the real analysis. A trusted mechanic may see things that suggest previous damage, or they might be able to clue you in to how great a steal your used car really is. We’d love to help you out with that here at B. B. Auto and Tow.
  • Bring Your Poker Face: This last little hint is perhaps one of the most important, but least mentioned. Car salesmen are smart and have an agenda. If you want to protect yourself from paying too much or getting pressured into buying when you aren’t ready, you need to bring your poker face. Never mention your budget to a car salesman unless you’re going to greatly understate it. Never discuss pros and cons with your spouse in front of the salesman, and always show a united front.

The good news is, you can do this! Buying a great used car is totally doable! Prepare ahead of time, make educated decisions, and remember that you’re in charge of your purchase!