Professional Auto Body Services in San Jose

We all know the scenario – you’re driving down the road and all of a sudden something goes wrong with your car. Your tires are fine, the battery is new, and you realize there must be an internal mechanical issue. You know you need to tow the vehicle to an auto body shop, but don’t know one in the area. That’s where B.B Auto & Tow is here to help! We have a partnership with one of the best auto body shops in San Jose, B.B. Auto & Tow. From start to finish, we can tow your vehicle from your location to B.B. Auto and Tow repair shop in San Jose where you can rest assured your car will be fixed and handled with the best of care by a name you can trust.

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When you’re in the need of emergency towing and roadside assistance in San Jose, B.B. Auto & Tow is always here to assist you. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, our certified, professional and friendly staff can tow your vehicle wherever you’d like. Have an internal body issue? Don’t fret! We can tow you to one of best auto body shops in San Jose, B.B. Auto & Tow. With services from automotive repair to car maintenance, San Jose auto body B.B. Auto & Tow can assist you in the following ways:

SJ Automotive Body and Car Maintenance Solutions

We understand that having an issue with your car can be frustrating, especially if you’re not sure what is wrong. Whether you need car maintenance or auto body in San Jose, our skilled and certified technicians are here to help. No matter where you are in San Jose, B.B. Auto & Tow are the professional you can count on, from start to finish.
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We cover the following zip code locations: 95101, 95103, 95106, 95108, 95109, 95110, 95111, 95112, 95113, 95115, 95116, 95117, 95118, 95119, 95120, 95121, 95122, 95123, 95124, 95125, 95126, 95127, 95128, 95129, 95130, 95131, 95132, 95133, 95134, 95135, 95136, 95138, 95139, 95140, 95141, 95148, 95150, 95151, 95152, 95153, 95154, 95155, 95156, 95157, 95158, 95159, 95160, 95161, 95164, 95170, 95172, 95173, 95190, 95191, 95192, 95193, 95194, 95196

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